About Us

The BiTE ME NOT!™ Story

BiTE ME NOT!™ (formerly Bug Band®) was founded on the concept that the outdoors is a space for freedom, playful exploration, and whimsical curiosity that no buzzing and biting insect should ever get in the way of.


Life is about the little things—from playing in the park to exploring in the backyard to outdoor family adventures. BiTE ME NOT! provides simple protection from mosquitos without the use of chemicals like DEET, creating a gentle insect protection line for the whole family. With simple active ingredients, such as geraniol, peppermint, lemongrass, and geranium oil, having fun in the sun can be just that. Fun.

About Beaumont Products

Founded in 1991 and located in Kennesaw, Ga., Beaumont Products is a leading manufacturer of premium, eco-friendly consumer products designed for air care, general cleaning, and personal care.

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